Development of Forestry

Development of Forestry

Map:Development of Forestry
To make use of the forest resources in the mountain areas, the Office of the Governor-General launched a large-scale investigation of the forests in Taiwan, and made significant efforts to open up the camphor forests. In 1919 (Year 8 of the Taisho regime), the Taiwan Forest Decree was promulgated, and forestry-related industrial development began to take off. However, after the 1920s, the relatively low production value of forestry, combined with the invention of artificial camphor, mean that Taiwanese camphor became less important, and thus the forestry policies became more oriented towards conservation and preservation of certain businesses on the plains. However, in 1933 (Year 8 of the Showa regime), when Japan withdrew from the League of Nations, internal demand increased once again, and the Office of the Governor-General restarted the development of the mountain forests in Taiwan.

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