Export and Industrial Development

Export and Industrial Development

Map:Export and Industrial Development
In order to support the country's massive defense expenditure and speed up economic development, the government implemented the “Economic Construction Plan” in 1953 (Year 42 of the ROC calendar). In the early stages of industrial development, the government perceived commodities as most important, and thus focused development efforts on the textile industry. Thereafter, attention was turned towards the more capital and technology intensive petrochemical, electronics, steel and shipbuilding industries. In the beginning, labor mainly came from farming households, especially with regard to part-time, female-oriented industries, thus leading to the unique phenomenon of “farming and industry in coexistence”. In the 1970s, the Provincial Governor of Taiwan, Xie Dong-min, promoted the policy of “Your Home is a Factory,” which moved small industry into many households in Taiwan, in turn successfully increasing national income and creating the “Taiwanese economic miracle”.

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