Fortifications Are Developed in The Rear Mountain

Fortifications Are Developed in The Rear Mountain

Map:Fortifications Are Developed in The Rear Mountain
When the Japanese army attacked indigenous people living in modern day Checheng and Fangshan in 1874 (Year 13 of the Tungchih regime), it culminated in the Mudan Incident. At the time, the Qing Government dispatched officials, including Shen Bao-Zhen, to Taiwan to monitor Japanese troops, while Qing troops were mobilized in southern and northern Taiwan to prevent the Japanese from infiltrating deep into various parts of the island. In 1875, (the first year of the Guangxu regime), Shen Bao-Zhen implemented the “develop the mountains and appease the indigenous population” policy by establishing Beinan Hall in Hualien and Taitung. After Taiwan Province was formed, it was promoted as “Taitung Prefecture under direct jurisdiction”, and Han Chinese people were encouraged to carry out land reclamation here, which in turn significantly affected the indigenous communities. However, when eastern Taiwan was incorporated under the Qing Government's administration, it was chiefly to prevent invasion by foreign powers, and actual governance was very limited.

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