Japan Covets Taiwan

Japan Covets Taiwan

Map:Japan Covets Taiwan
After Toyotomi Hideyoshi took control of Japan, he targeted Taiwan as part of his plans for expansion. In 1593, Toyotomi Hideyoshi attempted to take over the place known to the Japanese as the “Kingdom of High Mountains”. However, since Taiwan was not a unitary kingdom, and there was no central authority that ruled over the entire island, the operation was abandoned. However, the Japanese remained deeply interested in Taiwan. For instance, in 1609 Arima Harunobu, the head of Hinoe Castle in Hizen, sent ships to explore the island. In 1615, the administrative officer for Nagasaki, Murayama Toan, also dispatched a fleet to conquer Taiwan. Although these moves were not successful, they reflect a growing awareness of the strategic importance of Taiwan in East Asian waters.

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