Hakka People

Hakka People

Map:Hakka People
Apart from the plains in Pingtung, Hakka people in Taiwan mainly lived in the mountains, hence the adage “Where there is mountain, there will be Hakka people, and all Hakka people live in the mountains”. Since the Hakka migrated to Taiwan about the same time as the Fujianese people, some scholars propose that the reason why the Hakka chose to reside in the mountains is related to their way of life in in eastern Guangdong. The oily, savory and aromatic characteristics of Hakka cuisine also reflect their background, where inconvenient transport in the mountain regions calls for long-term food preservation. On the other hand, due to the specific vulnerabilities of the mountainous areas, the Hakka people also paid significant attention to the defense capabilities of their buildings, as well as the practicing martial arts. These became notable traits of Hakka villages.

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