End of WWII, Take Over and 228 Incident

End of WWII, Take Over and 228 Incident

Map:End of WWII, Take Over and 228 Incident
In August 1945 (Year 20 of the Showa regime, Year 34 of the ROC calendar), Japan's surrender resulted in the R.O.C taking over Taiwan. One of the most important tasks was to promote “de-Japanization”, where people with Japanese names reverted to their original names and Japanese was soon removed from Taiwan. The Japanese influence was also lessened by promoting the national language movement, and Taiwanese youths were encourage to learn Chinese. After WWII, the Taiwanese public looked forward to being taken over by the R.O.C Government, but due to misunderstandings and distrust accumulated over the years, coupled with the slow demobilization process and political corruption, as well as failure by the Taiwan Provincial Administrative Executive Office to address these problems, public grievances gradually deepened. Finally, in 1947 (Year 36 of R.O.C calendar), a dispute over the illegal sale of cigarettes triggered civil disorder, and riots rapidly spread across the island, culminating in the event now known as the 228 Incident (so named because it occurred on the 28th of February). Members of the Taiwanese elite formed a special settlement committee with the hope of solving the conflict peacefully. However, the Governor of Taiwan Province, Chen Yi, failed to respond to the demands for reform, and asked the central government in China send troops to suppress the disorder, which lead to much violence and the loss of many lives.

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