Taiwanese People in The Face of Changing Regimes

Taiwanese People in The Face of Changing Regimes

Map:Taiwanese People in The Face of Changing Regimes
On May 28, 1895 (Year 21 of the Guangxu regime and Year 28 of the Meiji regime), delegates from the Qing Government and Japanese Government conducted a “diplomatic handover ceremony” on the offshore waters of Keelung. At the time, people living on the island of Taiwan made different choices with regard to fighting and surrendering. When President Tang Ching-Sung fled Taiwan along with various leaders of armed forces of the Republic of Taiwan, many troops either scattered or worked as bandits to burn, kill or loot. As a result, residents of the city longed for political stability and pleaded with the Japanese army to enter as soon as possible. However, there were still a great number of Taiwanese people who refused Japanese rule, including the Taiwanese Volunteer Army in Sanxia, Hakka resistance in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli and the Battle of Mt. Bagua in Changhua. Moreover, sporadic ambushes and conflicts also broke out in Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan and Pingtung as the Japanese troops moved southward. Some literati who were discontent with Japanese rule, but were unable to resist with force, wrote about their anger as a form of resistance . Faced with the change in regime, some people in Taiwan obeyed while others resisted, and it was the civilians who suffered most during this time.
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