Taiwanese on The Battlefield

Taiwanese on The Battlefield

Map:Taiwanese on The Battlefield
Between 1937 and 1945 (Years 12~20 of the Showa regime), many Taiwanese men were sent into the battlefield to serve different purposes, such as transporting weaponry and heavy artillery shells, building trenches and campsites, delivering provisions, cooking, and constructing bridges and roads. Since they were not regular soldiers, they were called military laborers. Without military training working on the battlefield was more dangerous for this group than others, and they suffered much higher casualties than the regular soldiers. As the frontline expanded, Taiwan implemented the Special Volunteer Army System in 1942 (Year 17 of Showa regime) to recruit young men to fight in Southeast Asia. In 1943 (Year 18 of the Showa regime), the Special Volunteer Navy System was implemented, where volunteer sailors were dispatched to Luzon, Java, the Malay Peninsula and East Timor. In January 1945 (Year 20 of the Showa regime), a conscription system was implemented.

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