Medical Care and Public Health

Medical Care and Public Health

Map:Medical Care and Public Health
After Japan's colonization of Taiwan the number one cause of death by disease remained infectious conditions such as malaria and cholera, and thus stopping the spreading of communicable diseases and improving public health were key tasks for the Office of the Governor-General in Taiwan. Other important tasks included the construction of running water pipelines, underground draining works, the stipulation of waste disposal methods, and the regular cleaning of public spaces in communities of various sizes. At the same time, in order to address the issue of a lack of modern medical technology and trained medical staff, the Office of the Governor-General recruited a large number of medical personnel from Japan to be stationed in various regions in Taiwan. Together, they formed a public health system responsible for local health and medical treatment. In addition, the Office also established medical schools and worked to train Taiwanese people in an effort to create a better medical system.

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