Capital of Taiwan(Fucheng)

Capital of Taiwan(Fucheng)

Map:Capital of Taiwan(Fucheng)
At that time, Tainan, the capital of Taiwan, also called Fucheng, was bustling with commerce and was the heart of politics, economics and culture on the island. During the initial stages, the city was divided into four neighborhoods, called Dongan, Xiding, Zhenbei and Ningnan. Together with four city gates, they formed the major axes of the city. Based on three clusters of civil and military service government building, namely Taiwandao, Taiwanzhen and Taiwanfu, three major aspects of city development were implemented. For instance, government buildings for civil and military services, as well as temples, were all located south of Deqing River, where the population was the most concentrated. In contrast, mostly military facilities and temples were located north of Deqing River.

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