Our Land, Our People:The Story of Taiwan

We are currently updating the contents of the permanent exhibition, and that will go online near January 2022.

The Taiwan History Learning Resources Platform is based on the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Taiwan History called "Our Land, Our People:The Story of Taiwan", where exhibits, literature , photos, models and replicas are used to present knowledge related to the general history in Taiwan. As a resource offered by the museum's learning center, it provides in-depth readings on the history of Taiwan for the visitors, school teachers, researchers and scholars.


334 items are on display along with details of their historical backgrounds, and more exhibits will be added regularly.


The overall exhibition includes various sections in different areas, which are arranged in chronological order to convey details of various eras in Taiwanese history.

Virtual Tours

The 720-degree panoramic film provides a guided tour of the entire permanent exhibition area or individual sections of it. The spatial connections are determined in order to reorganize the exhibit environment, and key objects are used to present the history of Taiwan .


The "themed history of Taiwan" approach is used to highlight the exhibit's design concept, while core issues are generated through object themes to provide a new understanding of the exhibition space.

Rank List

The latest objects, most popular objects, Virtual Tours and other keywords are used to provide the users with references to help their browsing of the website .

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