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Giran House
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Painting, Taiwanese opera, European style theatre
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This theater has the classic appearance of a newly constructed theater of the 1930s, and its design was inspired by “Giran House”, which was opened in August 1933.Taiwanese popular culture was in vogue in the 1930s, and large European-style theaters were built in various cities. The open of Giran House in August 1933 is said to be a milestone for the eastward expansion of the pop culture industry.
Theaters were ubiquitous in the early years of Japanese rule, and most of them consisted of one or two-story wooden buildings with flat tatami seats. Later, due to the development of drama and cinema, more luxurious European-style theatres popped up everywhere. Giran House is the oldest theatre in Yilan, and was opened by locals Huang Tian-Ci and Wu Fan-Shu, featuring mostly Taiwanese opera and new theatrical productions during its early years of business. In the 1940s, with the advent of sound films, Giran House changed to screening movies and it was renamed Yilan Theatre after the war. In 1990, it was closed and became derelict, but the overall structure still remains intact.
The exterior of Giran House has an eclectic style, and features a symmetrical façade with the entrance located in the center. There is an arched gable above the entrance and the eaves feature cornices and other decorations, while the rooms on either side are the box office and bathrooms. The ribbon windows and stained glass reduce the heaviness of the architecture and reflect the lively and chic entertainment culture of the time.
Cultural relic

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