Forbidden Songs

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Towards A Diverse, Democratic Society > Anti-Communist Era > Education and Life Under The Martial Law System
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Songs often continue to be developed after they have been first written and performed, as they circulate in society. Moreover, within politically sensitive environments, certain songs will inevitably emerge that are then banned by the government.“Forbidden Songs (One)”, published in 1971, contains a list of 183 songs banned by the Ministry of the Interior in accordance with the Publication Law of the Provincial Government.
The “Forbidden Songs” list was primarily used for inspection purposes, and the songs on the list were prohibited from being recorded, sung, performed, released and played. Some songs were written by artists who remained in China , or by others who had a favorable view of communism. Some were banned because of their explicit lyrics or because they were based on Japanese military songs, while others were forbidden because they reflected on the political situation in Taiwan at that time, or had Japanese lyrics. This censorship was most strongly enforced on television and radio programs, and thus all radio and television stations had to play close attention to the “Forbidden Songs” list.
Those who stayed in the communist region, those who echo the ideas of communism, Japanese songs

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