''Harvest'', Issue No. 16、17

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Towards A Diverse, Democratic Society > From Agricultural to Industrial Society > Agricultural Development and Land Reform
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“Harvest” magazine was first published in 1951 by the Chinese-American Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruction (JCRR), and thus it served as the official magazine of this group. During the initial stages of publication, Jiang Meng-Lin was the publisher, Lan Yin-Ding was the editor-in-chief and Yang Ying-Feng was the art editor. Besides discussing national festivals and promoting government policies, the covers, designed by Yang Ying-Feng, mostly showed scenes from life in the farming villages, as well as highlighting characteristics of post-war agricultural society in Taiwan. In December 1953 it shifted its focus to agricultural technology, in order to help increase production by this sector. The cover of the magazine had the slogan “Farmers’ Friend – Knowledge of Production”, underlining the publication’s aim to introduce new agricultural knowledge, improve production, and increase farmers’ incomes.
Harvest Farm Magazine, Jiang Meng-Lin, JCRR, US aid

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