Model of Fort Zeelandia and Tayouan Town

Model of Fort Zeelandia and Tayouan Town
展品位置:Model of Fort Zeelandia and Tayouan Town
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Encounters between Disparate Cultures > Asians and Europeans in Taiwan > The Dutch in Taiwan
Tayouan, Fort Zeelandia, hospital, execution ground, blacksmith workshop, market, surrounding town, bastion, Fort Utrecht
Object description:
The square area formed by single-story houses with red roofs is the town of Tayouan, while the two-story, irregularly shaped square fortress is Fort Zeelandia. On the vacant land on either side are facilities, such as a hospital, execution ground, blacksmith’s workshop and market. The entire Tayouan island extends southwards (forward) to connect with the island of Taiwan. The Dutch ensured their position in Taiwan with Fort Zeelandia’s upper fortress, surrounding town, bastion and ravelin.
Fort Utrecht, built on the highland south of Fort Zeelandia, was used to prevent a land attack by the Taiwanese indigenes. It was armed with cannons, making it an important fortification for defending Fort Zeelandia.

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