An Uprising on the Island of Formosa

An Uprising on the Island of Formosa
展品位置:An Uprising on the Island of Formosa
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Transformations and The New Order > Indigenes and a Modern Nation-State > Governance by Social Reformation and Lifestyle Transformation
Wushe Incident, Sediq, indigenes, Indigenous Administration Policy
Object description:
Japan was a relatively inexperienced colonial power, and thus it paid particular attention to international opinion during Japanese era, so as not to lose face. The Wushe Incident in 1930 not only shocked the Japanese government, but also the international community. Issue number 2081of the Le Petit Journal, published in France on November 9, 1930, featured a story titled “Un Soulevement Dans L’ile De Formosa” (An Uprising on the Island of Formosa). Although the images accompany the report were mostly unrelated to the actual events, they nonetheless attracted international attention.
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Un soulevement dans l'Lile de Formose
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