The most beautiful textbook in the world
The most beautiful textbook in the world

“The most beautiful textbook in the world” explores the core values of education. The first exhibition was launched at Taiwan Design Museum (Songshan Cultural and Creative Park) in 2018, and the second opened at Taitung Design Center at the end of the same year. In 2020, a new exhibition will take place at the National Museum of Taiwan History. This exhibition shows a wide collection of textbooks from Taiwan and Japan. By juxtaposing the textbooks of both places, visitors will learn how those countries’ educational guidelines have been implemented.

This exhibition is composed of two areas: the Japanese Textbooks Area and the Taiwanese Textbooks Area. The former exhibits various textbooks from elementary schools to high schools, textbooks for all ages, as well as textbooks on lifelong learning, disaster prevention, and intelligent living. In the latter, people will learn how education evolved in Taiwan during three different eras from: books used in the 1895-1945 period of Japanese colonial rule; books published by the National Institute for Compilation and Translation; and books published by private publishing houses. Participants are also welcome to discuss any issues related to Taiwan’s current education system, which may trigger people to reconsider our educational guidelines and creative actions.

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