Tag with the slogan "I speak Chinese instead of dialects."

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Towards A Diverse, Democratic Society > Anti-Communist Era > Education and Life Under The Martial Law System
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This slogan is an important testament to the national language movement in Taiwan. Here, the national language refers to Mandarin Chinese, the official language adopted by the Taiwan Provincial Government. In 1946, the Taiwan Provincial Government formed the National Languages Committee to conduct a series of national language promotion movements. In 1950, the “Outline for Implementing Education during the Emergency Period in Taiwan Province” was set out to reinforce the promotion of Mandarin. In 1951, various schools were required to present oral reports in Mandarin during assembly. In 1956, the national language movement was in full swing, and the use of Mandarin became compulsory in various government organizations, schools and public occasions. In 1966, the “Mandarin Promotion Reinforcement Program” was implemented at schools, and thus all teachers and students had to speak Mandarin while in school or on other public occasions, and anyone found violating the regulation would be disciplined.
National Languages Committee, national language promotion movements

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