Crackdown announcement (1947)

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Towards A Diverse, Democratic Society > End of WWII, Take Over and 228 Incident
Cultural relic
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This document was promulgated by Chen Yi on March 20, 1947, and seen throughout Taiwan. The statement was made from the Provincial Government’s point of view, suggesting that the 228 Incident was “an act of violence caused by traitors and renegades”. He also called for “total elimination of evil men” by “enforcing crackdowns”, where civilians were forced to cooperate with police authorities by surrendering “weapons” and “evil men”. This crackdown lasted a total of nine months, during which many members of the elite simply disappeared without a trace, while other turned up as corpses. The news of the terror spread quickly, and people surrendered large caches of weapons left behind by the Japanese troops. The sense of fear this caused continued through the White Terror Period.
228 Incident, Chen Yi

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