Xie Lei's A Cupful of Bitter Liquo.

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From a pop music perspective, 1967 was the era of A-go-go. The picture shows the record sleeve for “Xie Lei Song Collection: A-Go-GO Album”. The song “Full Glass of Bitter Wine”, in particular, took Taiwan by storm, and became the most famous forbidden Chinese song of the 1960s.
According to reports, the record sold more than 176,000 copies in Taiwan and more than 130,000 in Hong Kong, Liuqiu and Southeast Asia as of February 1968, bringing the total to 310,000 copies. After such sales “Full Glass of Bitter Wine” was seen has having somber lyrics and a decadent meaning by the government’s cultural inspection institution, and thus was banned. However, the record had already sold well and was known by many people, making it the most prominent pop song of the time.
A-go-go, ban, forbidden, Glass Full of Bitter Wine

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