Application form for restoring original names after the second World War (1945)

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On December 12, 1945, the Taiwan Provincial Executive Office stipulated the “Regulations for Restoring the Original Names of the People of Taiwan Province”, because the Taiwanese people has been forced to give up their original names under the Japanization Movement during the Japanese era. On January 28, 1946, the Nationalist Government announced that all citizens must fill in an application form for a Chinese name and hand it in to the head of their village, along with other documents. The indigenous population were required to make an application at a police station using their chosen Chinese names, and people who failed to adopt a Chinese name were fined. However, as far as many Taiwanese people were concerned, action on self-identity sometimes preceded such government decrees. For instance, the Ceng Family in Jhubei, Hsinchu, applied to restore their family name precisely one month before the end of the war, on September 16, 1945.
Restore original name, changing names, Japanization Movement, restoring nationality, Taiwan Provincial Executive Office, Hsinchu, Ceng Tao, Toshizo

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