Slotted jade earring with four protrusions

Slotted jade earring with four protrusions
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Penannular jade ring, jade, archaeology
Object description:
In the Japanese Colonial Era Mr. Kano Tadao discovered a diverse range of jade earrings from prehistoric Taiwan, some of which bore remarkable resemblance to ones found in Southeast Asia. Due to the jade mines in the eastern regions of Taiwan, this area’s prehistoric culture is known for its production of jade objects, and thus so-called “Jue” ornaments have often been found at such sites.
These jade earrings were often were used as mortuary objects, being found near the positions of the ears when human skulls were unearthed. In addition to jade earrings, some have also been found that are made of slate .
In addition to the Beinan site, the Jhihshanyan site in Taipei and Wanshan site in Yilan have also yielded jade earrings showing man-beasts, and these were found during digs in 1979 and 1990 . Scholars can use such objects to explore the possible interactions and relationships that occurred among the three cultures at these sites.
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