Bao-Zheng plate (Baojia system)

Bao-Zheng plate (Baojia system)
展品位置:Bao-Zheng plate (Baojia system)
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Transformations and The New Order > Modern Governance > Police State and Social Control
Baojia system, police, colonial rule
Object description:
After 1898, Goto Shinpei took advantage of the Baojia System implemented by the Qing government in Taiwan, where the Governor-General’s Office established the Baojia Bureau and assigned the leaders of local communities as leaders of the “Baos” and “Jias” (units of the local population based on households).
They subsequently fell under the direct supervision of the police stations, and became part of the police system to maintain public order. The Governor-General’s Office monitored society and controlled the Taiwanese communities through the Baojia System.
This is the Baozhen sign for the 6th Bao of Beimen.
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