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Taiwanese People's Newspaper
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Social movement, Cai Pei-Huo, cultural association, Taiwan Youth
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The Taiwanese People’s Newspaper was a key publication for Taiwan’s political movements during the 1920s, and was first published on April 15, 1923, with all Chinese content. Following in the footsteps of the magazines “Taiwan Youth” and “Taiwan”, it claimed to be the only “Taiwanese media voice” during Japanese rule.
Issue 1-7 of Taiwanese People’s Newspaper was published on September 1, 1923. At the time, the magazine’s headquarters was still in Tokyo. As a semimonthly magazine containing 16 pages, the front cover featured an editorial about Taiwanese students, as well as some cultural opinions. Moreover, numerous articles concerning the establishment of a parliament in Taiwan were also published. In order to encourage support from the public, the newspaper established a branch and distribution department in Taiwan, next to Jiang Wei-Shui’s Da An Hospital in Dadaocheng. The Taiwan Cultural Association also formed libraries throughout Taiwan to promote and distribute magazines.
Besides politics, the Taiwanese People’s Newspaper also talked about culture and society in Taiwan, making it an important platform for publishing literature in these years. In September 1927, the headquarters of the Taiwanese People’s Newspaper was moved to Taipei, and it was renamed the New Taiwanese People’s Newspaper in March 1930. It then developed into a daily newspaper, supported by various opinion leaders in Taiwan.
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