Spanish silver real and copper maravedís coins

Spanish silver real and copper maravedís coins
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Real、COB、Cabo de Barra、silver real, Mexico, Spain, Philippines, indigenous currency
Object description:
This one silver real produced during the Felipe Ⅱ period (1556-1598) was made in Mexico.
Silver reals were circulated between the period of Felipe Ⅱ and Carlos IV; it was the currency used by Europeans in the East after Spain established a base in the Philippines. The currency was also used by the Dutch, and it was circulated across Spanish colonies, as well as Spanish and Portuguese trade regions throughout South Asia.
As a kind of COB (Cabo de Barra), the minting process involved melting the material and then striking it by hand to form silver sheets, before a die is used to imprint the value of the coin. The coins were cut and weighed to become silver reals, with the denominations of 1/2 real, one real, four real, eight real, four marav and eight marav. The most common coin on the market today is the eight real, with the one real being extremely rare.
The Spanish silver real was the currency used by the Spaniards in Asia from the 16 to 19th centuries. The currency was used throughout many areas in Asia, including Taiwan .
In year 36 of Kangxi’s reign (1697), Yu Yong-He came to Taiwan to mine sulfur, and he documented what he saw in “Small Sea Travel Diaries”. In this work, he mentioned the circulation of foreign currencies on the market, as follows: “The currency used on the market is exclusively indigenous currency, which are silver coins minted by the Dutch . The coins have different shapes and are imprinted with a crocus. Taiwanese people only use this type of currency; if merchants try to trade in Qing currency, they will be frowned upon by the Taiwanese people.”
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