Woodcut of Hamada Jahei Incident

Woodcut of Hamada Jahei Incident
展品位置:Woodcut of Hamada Jahei Incident
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Encounters between Disparate Cultures > Interactions and Relationships Among Different Ethnicities in Taiwan in The 17th Century > Conflicts between New and Old Powers
Dutch period, Japanese, Hamada Hiyoe, Dutch official in Taiwan
Object description:
The drawing appeared in Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indiën, and was produced by François Valentijn in 1726. The Japanese arrived in Taiwan in their Shuinsen(Red-seal ships) earlier than the Dutch to conduct trade in early 17th century. After the Dutch Formosa, they forbade Chinese expatriates from trading in Taiwan and imposed taxes on Japanese exports from the island, causing great discontent among the Japanese, who refused to pay taxes. In 1628, a Japanese ship trading in Taiwan was detained by the Dutch, and thus Captain Hamada Hiyoe led his people to charge into Fort Zeelandia and take P. Nuyts, the Dutch Governor, hostage, forcing the Dutch authorities to sign a contract in exchange for him. The drawing shows the moment the incident occurred, and the capture of the Dutch Governor , who is sitting on the chair in the right of the picture. This incident escalated, and resulted in the closing of Dutch businesses in Hirado, Japan . The incident lasted until 1636, when Nuyts was eventually released.
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