Han Chinese in Taiwan

Han Chinese in Taiwan

Map:Han Chinese in Taiwan
After the mid-16th century, as trade flourish in East Asia, private Han Chinese traders and pirates began to gather on Taiwan. Lin Dao-Qian and Lin Feng, heads of Chaozhou-based pirate groups active in Fujian and Guangdong, used Taiwan and Penghu as their strongholds. During the Dutch occupation of Taiwan, the European needed to work with smugglers order to obtain Chinese goods. After leaders such as Li Dan and Yan Si-Qi passed away, Zheng Zhi-Long took over as the leader of the pirate group, and became the primary trading partner of the Dutch. Aside from trade, the Dutch also recruited Han Chinese people from coastal regions in China to reclaim land in Taiwan and develop agriculture. However, the exorbitant taxes, levies and interest rates imposed by the Dutch prompted the Han Chinese to follow Guo Huai-Yi and challenge colonial rule. In 1662, Zheng Cheng-gong successfully defeated the Dutch and became the ruler of Taiwan, in turn gradually transforming the island into a Han Chinese-dominated society.

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