Towards A Diverse, Democratic Society

Towards A Diverse, Democratic Society

Map:Towards A Diverse, Democratic Society
At the conclusion of WWII, the world entered a new era, and a new chapter was opened in Taiwan with the arrival of the Government of the Republic of China. In order to prevent the Communist Party from entering Taiwan, the Government of the Republic of China implemented long-term martial law and restricted basic human rights, such as freedom of speech. Furthermore, in order to promote Han Chinese culture, the development of domestic culture in Taiwan was strongly discourage. After the war, Taiwan received economic aid from the US to develop its industries, and this coupled with the diligent working spirit of the Taiwanese people, enabled the island to enjoy an economic boom, eventually becoming an important country of OEM (original equipment manufacturers). However, economic growth and the transformation of society also adversely impacted the natural environment. Nonetheless, Taiwanese people are smart and nimble, and when faced with challenges they fearlessly strive forward to reach new heights.

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