New Technology and Trade

New Technology and Trade

Map:New Technology and Trade
Approximately 2,000 years ago, Taiwan entered the Iron Age, increasing the number and variety of tools that could be produced. Items excavated during archaeological digs at such sites include earthenware, copper coins, glass and metalware from coastal and island regions throughout Asia, indicating the emergence of cross-region overseas trade. Items from this period are found throughout the coastal plains in Taiwan, such as the renowned Shihsanhang Archaeological Site in Taipei. Some scholars believe that this is the origin of the Ketagalan Tribe in the north. One of the attributes of the Iron Age is the production and use of metal products, and convenient, durable metalware gradually replaced stoneware for everyday tools. In addition to obtaining metal products through exchange, the ironware found at Shihsanhang Archaeological Site in Bali and bronzeware found at Jiuxianglan Archaeological Site in Taitung also suggest that the people in certain regions already knew how to make such items, and these groups tended to live in mid-elevation mountain areas.

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