Hills:Camphor, Hakka People

Hills:Camphor, Hakka People

Map:Hills:Camphor, Hakka People
The undulating terrain of central to northern Taiwan is rich with timber resources, and therefore it attracted numerous settlers to move into the mountains and reclaim land. In particular, the camphor tree was not only a luxury construction and shipbuilding material, but the camphor and camphor oil extracted from the trees were – and remain - valuable medicinal ingredients. However, camphor extraction was limited by geographical conditions and lumbering techniques, while problems such as the “tuniugou” boundary established by the government, and related interethnic conflicts, also needed to be resolved. Specialized in the reclamation and settling of mountainous terrain, the Hakka migrants crossed the boundary and built fortifications in the name of protecting it. Consequently, the Hakka communities living in the mountainous regions became closer to one another.

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